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Build a virtual team that can provide all of your digital services.

Our services represent the 6-Pillars of a successful course:

Consultation & Strategy

Course Niche | Target Audience | Platform Advice | Marketing Strategy | Kajabi

Course Creation

Platform Setup/Migration | Course Structure | Course Content | Kajabi Setup

Website & Blog Development

Website Design | Kajabi Themes | WordPress | Blog Content Production

Marketing Funnels

Funnel Design & Setup | Landing Pages | A/B Testing | Automation | Analytics

Social Media Management

YouTube | Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | Video Production

Promotion & Advertising

Instagram Ads | TikTok Ads | YouTube Ads | Podcast Sponsorships

Advice from Course Experts

Producing a great course requires a range of skills.

“Create engaging materials so that your audience gains and retains the knowledge and skills you’re teaching, and be sure to design your course according to how adults actually learn.   And consistently test and evaluate the effectiveness of your course.”

Sandra Shillington

Author and Online Course Expert
Sean Kim - Chief Product Officer of Kajabi

Identify your perfect customer, and then strategically market to them.

““It’s about really understanding who your customers are … and then making sure that you know what problem you’re solving. It sounds simple but not a lot of people actually go through this process. So if you are absolutely clear on those two things then you can start identifying what the solutions are and then what the content and marketing strategy should be.”

Sean Kim

Chief Product Officer of Kajabi
Iman Aghay Ultimate Course Formula

Your course is not the final goal. Building your business is.

“You can make a huge difference in your life and the lives of others by sharing your expertise.  Sometimes people create an online course, they sell $10,000 or $50,000 worth of that online course, and then their sales stop, their passion dies, or their course doesn’t work anymore. Then what?”

Iman Aghay

Author of 'The Ultimate Course Formula'
Pat Flynn Course

Banish the thought that once you’ve created the course, you can sit back and buff your nails.

““Even with real estate you still have to manage your properties, or even with the stock market, which is potentially passive income, you still have to manage your portfolio. With online courses, there is no such thing as 100% passive income.”

Pat Flynn

Creator of Smart Passive Income
Graham Cochran Best Course

Devise a Great Launch Strategy

“The best product, with the best positioning, still won’t sell a single copy if you don’t launch it strategically.  There is a LOT that goes into a profitable launch.  Especially Pre-launch build up – you gotta hint that something is coming and get your audience excited.”

Graham Cochrane

Author of 'How to Get Paid for What You Know'
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